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Youtube Video: Korean Drama ‘Green Rose’ dubbed in Mizo


Korean drama ‘Green Rose’ dubbed in Mizo is being uploaded to Youtube. Part 1 is below:

Wikipedia entry:
Green Rose is a Korean drama television series that aired on SBS which stars Ko Soo, Lee Da Hae, Lee Jong Hyuk and Kim Suh Hyung.

Korean series normally run for 16 episodes, but Green Rose was extended up to 23 because of the good feedback that the show garnered in Korea. Green Rose interweaves romance into a story of revenge to offer a fascinating drama. The series received great popularity when it was aired on SBS in March 2005. Due to its high viewing rate in Korea, a Japanese company has already bought the series’ broadcasting rights in for showing Green Rose in Japan.

Unlike many Korean movie and film stars the main actress in this drama – Lee Da Hae is fluent in English, thanks to her time in Australia where she she studied before her acting career. Check out her (Lee Da Hae’s) MySpace page.

Green Rose (Mizo) Part II and the rest at Mizowood Youtube page.

This drama is also dubbed into Khmer, the dubber voices sound a little funny. English sub-titles are also available at


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