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Watch Forrest Gump Youtube Movie Free


If you have been searching an Academy Award winning film ‘Forrest Gump‘ starring Tom Hanks and Robin Wright at Youtube, you will have difficulty in finding the right one with good quality video. We have found one for you. Enjoy this touching movie below:

Forrest Gump movie – Part 1 of 19

Forrest Gump movie: Part 2 of 19 – if you want to see the bigger video, just double-click the video to see at Youtube or click full-screen.

Forrest Gump movie Part 3 of 19

(Follow the rest of the parts at Youtube. Part 4, 5, 6 and the rest will appear on the right side of video at Youtube when you open part 3. However, note that Part 7 – Forrest Gump at war zone in Vietnam was not uploaded)

What is Forrest Gump movie about?

Forrest Gump is a 1994 American comedy-drama film based on the 1986 novel of the same name by Winston Groom. The film was directed by Robert Zemeckis, starring Tom Hanks, Robin Wright Penn, and Gary Sinise. The story depicts several decades in the life of Forrest Gump, a simple Alabama man who travels across the world, sometimes meeting historical figures, influencing popular culture, and experiencing firsthand historic events of the late 20th century. Read more from Wikipedia.


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