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US Mizos to hold Concert for famine ‘Mautam’ victims in Mizoram


WASHINGTON DC – In a bid to raise funds for mautam famine victims in India, a concert is being planned by Mizo Christian Fellowshi (MCF), USA. Popular music artists from Mizoram (India) are likely to be invited for the fund raising event.

Concert for Mautam famine victims will be held on June 28, 2008, the venue seems to be somewhere in Maryland, where most number of US Mizos live.

According to Zirkhumi Universal Library Online (, MCF USA has already donated Kyat 21,00,000 especially for Mizo cyclone victim in Myanmar. However, the fellowship wanted to convey to the victims of the famine that they too are remembered.

Mr. Laldinpuia Ralte, MCF USA Vice Chairman has assured mautam victims that they are not forgotten and the concert is the immediate plan they have for the victims to raise funds for them.

Preparation for the concert is going on at the moment.

What is Mautam?
Mautam is a rare phenomenon that happens every 49 years in cycle where bamboo, which is numerous in Mizoram state starts flowering, rats eat these bamboo flowers and with plenty of such flowers to feed themselves – the population of rats increased exponentially. Once they finished eating the bamboo flowers they start to invade crops in the fields. The number of rats are too numerous that it is difficult to contain them by pesticides or any other method. Thus, leaving no crops to harvest for farmers. Farmers are deprived of a good harvest for the next few years.

More Mautam entry at Wikipedia | Help Mautam Victims |

Mautam Impact: Mautam is being felt not just in Mizoram state, but also in the adjacent Chin state in Western Myanmar, especially where Chin people (the same ethnic group of Mizo, rather one and the same). It is felt all over Lushai (Mizo) Hills in India and Chin Hills in Myanmar. Let’s hope more people will come out to support many people who are making out one day at a time surviving on wild roots like yam.

Last link : Famine Diary in Chin state

God bless MCF USA for initiating this noble cause for the famine victims!

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