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Rev. Zairema: Mizo Pastor website contains many useful resources


The official website of Reverend Zairema (L) contains many useful resources for Christians in Mizo and English. The website was launched on March 5, 2010 on the 93th Birth Anniversary of the former Moderator of Presbyterian Church of Mizoram.

Rev. Zairema picture at the website

(Screenshot of Rev. Zairema website. The Pastor's picture graced the homepage of the website).

The gifted Pastor was awarded Doctor of Literature (D.Litt) from North Eastern Hills University (NEHU), Shillong for his contribution in the religious and social life of North East; and also Doctor of Divinity (D.D) from Senate of Serampore University, West Bengal.

The website was launched by Zairema Memorial Committee at a function presided by the Committee Secretary Rev. Chuauthuama.

There are 28 sermon articles in English, they include the following:

  1. Suffering
  2. The Friend of Sinners
  3. Where Art Thou?
  4. Gospel Centenary and the Mizos
  5. The Good Samaritan
  6. The Grace of Jesus Christ I
  7. The Grace of Jesus Christ II
  8. The Grace of Jesus Christ III

And 39 articles related to social and religious issues, they include:

  1. Christianity and National Integration in Mizo Context
  2. What Made the Mizos Tick
  3. Why We Celebrate Gospel Centenary
  4. etc, etc.

Visit the official website of Rev. Zairema at


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