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Pictures: First Same-sex Gay Marriage held in Manipur, India


Two men – Sandeep Soibam and Nikhil Sharma Hidangmayum from tiny Indian state of Manipur in Northeast India got married publicly in Imphal, the state capital on Thursday, March 25, 2010.

Indian manipur gay marriage photo

(Picture, Photo of Gay couple from Indian state of Manipur, Sandeep (left bridegroom) and Nikhil (right bride) exchanging rings. Pic courtesy: The Imphal Free Press, Link below).

According to The Sangai Express, this is the first recorded case of gay marriage in Ma-nipur.

“From the legal perspectives, there is nothing wrong in the unique marriage. The Supreme Court issued a ruling last year which guaranteed that two individuals of the same sex may marry or live together,” the source added.

Imphal Free Press reported that the bride Nikhil is a talented and successful professionally beautician and the bridegroom Sandeep assists Nikhil. They will not live in either of their parental home, but in the beauty parlour that Nikhil runs.

The ceremony was organized outwardly in the traditional Western style, although in substance it was not a Christian marriage, it added.

Manipuri Indian same sex-marriage photo

(Photo, Picture of Manipuri Indian same sex-marriage. Pic Courtesy: The Sangai Express. Link below).

Though the law of the land per-mits gay marriage but whether culture, social ethics approve it or not is remains to be seen.

Local Media:

Religious affiliations of the people of Manipur State:

India map showing Manipur State

(Picture, Photo of India map showing Manipur and other States)

According to the 2001 census, Manipur has 2,388,634 (2.38 million) populations, of whom HinduismĀ  is identified with 47% of the population, Christianity constitutes 34% of the population, while Muslims form about 8% of the population, about 11% of the population identified themselves with indigenous Sanamahi religion.

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6 Responses to “Pictures: First Same-sex Gay Marriage held in Manipur, India”

  1. 1
    G.SAM GEORGE Says:

    I realy porud of this gays, how egar they are to enjoy the life, I am also a gay I canot enjoy this moch, But ni am 38 years old, I some body call me to upcountry i will definetly come to enjoy.

  2. 2
    nakchu Says:

    can this two hav child………….if not wat they are going to do in future’

  3. 3
    Thangbieksang Hrangchal Says:

    I could’nt believe it! Is this really happening in our state Manipur?

  4. 4
    Aby Jain Says:

    I need to say that, such practices should be welcomed in the society more openly.

  5. 5
    Umang Says:

    Gender neutral marriage will have to go a long way in India before being fully accepted … KUDOS! to them for such a bold decision. It’s high time people welcome these sexual orientations.

  6. 6
    Rahul Says:

    hello, i just want to give my best wishes to both of them…
    congrates and good luck for ur future life.

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