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Photo: Mizo girls at a dance party – hilarious!


myLot user LotSelf has posted the following photo at the said website. And the description s/he has given to the photo goes like this, “Mizo girls of India at a dance party in Guwahati Assam, India.”

Mizo girls

Photo of Mizo girls at a dance party in Guwahati, Assam, India. Hilarious photo description by LotSelf. Source: myLot

Obviously their dresses tell they are not in a dance party, how ignorant this poster is!! Party dance and cultural dance are too easy to differentiate. :P… However, I guess the photo description will continue to remain as it is. So sad!


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33 Responses to “Photo: Mizo girls at a dance party – hilarious!”

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  1. 31
    lala Says:

    in van ho mai mai e awwwwwwwww, buai na leh harsat na in tawh lai ber in khawiah nge in tlanchhiat thin, hetiang zawng a inhnial vak vak hi a productive lo em mai, a kaw tawp a mizoram rawn pan leh tho tur hi chu mizo in tih ve mai tur

  2. 32
    lala Says:

    e chuan taka, tawngkam bawlhhlawh hi kan hriat ve nel nual avang hian hman vak kher hi a mawi lem lo, tawng thiam leh thiam lo teh na pawh a tling zo lo e

  3. 33
    Tushar Nikam (Nikumbh) Says:

    more n more such culture programs should be conducted… thanks for the fest you organized :-)

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