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OLX India: free classified advertisements


The OLX is a website that host free user-generated classified advertisements for urban communities around the world and provides discussion forums sorted by various topics. It is now available in India too.

OLX India website

OLX India website

OLX is an internet company based in New York, NY and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

According to New York Times, OLX gained prominence upon announcing a partnership with Friendster, the popular social networking website. The story was covered by dozens of media publications, including the New York Times, and was a topic of debate among bloggers. Source: Wikipedia.

Official website of OLX India:

The official website of OLX :



2 Responses to “OLX India: free classified advertisements”

  1. 1
    RealityGuy Says:

    When I see businesses like 4 Fore Front Investigations, Inc an UNLICENSED Scam artist business Owned by Kevin M. Sianez advertising his services all over OLX Websites USA it makes me very angry this is an X-Felone convicted in California of STALKING a woman. He has long list of complaints accross the internet. If anyone doubts what I say search your self. All the positive reviews on the internet is he himself writing. He really lives in Garden Grove CA his IP address is I believe OLX should be more responsible and help consumers avoid postings from this bottomfeeder. Thanks for you time.

  2. 2
    Marasa Nettle Says:

    Go to Orange County District Attorney Press Release.

    This investigative company owner arrested and is in jail in Orange County California. His case # 10CF1569 and is out on bail @ $180,000.

    The OCDA Bureau of Investigation began investigating this case after receiving a complaint in March 2010, from the California Department of Consumer Affairs. In the course of the fraud investigation, OCDA Investigators discovered additional evidence of a bestiality conspiracy.

    Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact Supervising District Attorney Investigator Anthony Sosnowski at (714) 347-8814. Deputy District Attorney Israel Claustro of the Special Prosecutions Unit is prosecuting the case.

    Please pass these links along to any interested parties…

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