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Northeast Indian girls: Dress Code and Modesty


Often in headlines of national dailies we see news of rape, exploitation and intimidation of north-eastern girls in the national capital Delhi. There has always been strong condemnation of such crimes but at the same time many a times fingers have been raised on the morality of north eastern girls.

There has been a general misconception in the minds of local population and northern plain people that people from Northeastern part of the country generally girls are of immoral characters. They dress scantily, are used to drinking and involve in other immoral activities. Such general thinking has corrupted the minds of the local population and these in turn has resulted in the alienation of north eastern people right in the Capital of the country.
These have been visible many a times when Northeastern people try finding rooms and proper accommodation and have been refused by landlords to housed CHINKIES (ref by local people) saying they are uncivilized and immoral.

So how come such perception about Northeastern people came to being? Who is at fault for all such things? No doubt such misconceptions haven’t developed overnight and there must be reasons behind it.

Northeastern cultures are predominantly tribal in nature but with the advent of Christianity many changes have occurred. People’s mindset has changed and has become suddenly westernized in outlook and dressing styles.
Such things have come in conflict with the reserved and orthodox local populations.
Which is reason enough for the change in attitude towards northeastern people?

Delhi is the capital of the country and many people from all parts of the country migrate here in search of better opportunities and jobs. Include migrant workers and laborers in large groups from male dominated societies like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh etc.

Northeastern people though westernized in their outlook but not educated enough to get high paying jobs end up in cheap dwellings areas like Munirka, Kotla, Santiniketan etc where all the migrant workers also stay.

The migrant workers mostly males staying in groups are sex starved as they are staying far from their wives or don’t have the luxury to afford girls friends. At the same time high fashioned easily available northeastern girls become easy prey for them. It has been noticed that most of the rape cases involving northeastern girls has been committed by un-educated migrant class like Autowallas, Taxi drivers, Bus conductors and drivers etc.

There has been many debates regarding dress codes of northeastern girls which been refused by many. Though it’s quite true being a democratic country we have the liberty to live our own life according to our wishes. But we should learn to give respect to others feelings also. Delhi predominantly a Hindu society has always been reserved as far as women are concern with a very less liberty given to them regarding lifestyle and dress codes. This has come in to conflict with our same ideas. But nevertheless we are at the receiving end and we should learn to adjust to the same. we should always remember the saying that when in Rome do as Romans do.

Northeastern girls should learn to draw a limit between Fashionable dressing and indecency. Any thought provoking dresses should not be worn as we are responsible for our own safety.

We are in ourselves an ambassador for our community and should learn to safeguard the same with our sense of dressing and living standards rather than dragging the name of our parents and society into wrong things. It has generally been seen that northeastern girls take undue advantage of the absence of their parents and involve into indecent activities giving a serious questioning to their upbringing process.

There are also local girls who dress the same with mini micro skirts and scantily dresses but the difference has always been the economic class differences.
Such girls especially from higher middle classes live in posh areas and have their own conveyances so they are seldom harm but just imagine a northeast girl wearing thought provoking dress coming out from the narrow lanes of shantiniketan or Munirka and walking up the main road to catch an auto late in the death night.

Is she doing a right thing?

If such a girl is not rape who else will be……………………………..


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7 Responses to “Northeast Indian girls: Dress Code and Modesty”

  1. 1
    ZEPHYR Says:

    WOW……………….rightly said….strongly approve your views…………..our gals need to dress ‘sensibly’.where we north easterners mostly live in delhi are in ‘villages’…gandhi vihar was a slum area be4,naraina still goes by ‘naraina village’….one advice to all north eastern gals…….LOOK AT THE AREA WHERE U LIVE OR WHERE U R TO VENTURE BEFORE U DECIDE WAD DRESS U R TO WEAR……………………

  2. 2
    Bomken Says:

    Hi! Whatever you have said is absolutely correct. Our girls try to become modernize without being civilized first. Last weekend, I went to Church street here in Blore at arnd 11 pm at nite. It was dark and almost all shops were closed except for Empire. Everyone standing there, right from auto ricks to Security guards to drunk crowd, were looking at one of our gals who came in micro mini skirt with a drunk boy friend and they were fighting with an auto driver over a fare. I just ran away from the scene….God bless our gals!!

  3. 3
    MANAS Says:

    freind…..i read all of your article.and finally came to a conclusion that you are a uncivilized,narrow minded,a hatred heart for the northeastern totally dont know about northeast,nothing.who said northeasterns are less educated,infact mizoram cames in rank in literacy rate many of you delhi heights live in porsh areas ha.the northeasterns have came here,so the peples have know what is the dress code,how to speak politely.dont blame bihar and UP for this.
    A uncivilized guy like you have this type of metality.

  4. 4
    Mansei Says:

    Very rightly said and i appreciate it. Very reasonable and civilised in saying such things. But i would like to point out to your unawareness that North-Eastern in not a less educated area. It is only due to the fact that the Union government have some negligence in this area. In fact Mizoram ranks among the top in literacy rate in the country. If the union government haven’t played such a policy, then everything would have been fine.

  5. 5
    Rajdeep Kashyap Says:

    you people should learn to respect girls… then blame NE girls…
    North-east girls are really cool….

  6. 6
    Romy Says:

    I really like north eastern girls.I am wondering how they are that much fashioned in India.The problem is they are living a sex starved male dominated society.Even in delhi most of the guys doesnt have a girlfriend.It is because of the orthodox society they are living in.

  7. 7
    Tyler Durden Says:

    If you’re implying that it is the fault of the girl for her being raped by a RAPIST (no matter how oddly she dresses), then you need to open your eyes and re-think you sick psycho.
    It’s not the girl’s fault.
    Just think. What kind of character must a guy who RAPES girls must be having…what kind of SICK MENTAL ATTITUDE must he be having….and you say it is the girl’s fault…

    No matter how a girl dresses, no one has the right to force her into such act.

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