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Mizo ‘Supermodel’ girl Pictures during Chapchar Kut


The following are the photos of a Mizo girl or a Mizo Super model taken during Chapchar Kut 2010 by Central News Agency, Taiwan:

Photo of Mizoram Supermodel in traditional dress

(Picture, Photo of Mizoram Supermodel in a fashionable and traditional dress).

Mizo Supermodel photo

(Picture, Photo of Mizo Supermodel, taken during Chapchar Kut 2010 at AR Ground aka Lammual in Aizawl city, Mizoram).

We do not know the name of this Mizo Supermodel in the pictures. We believe she is an Aizawl girl, not Champhai girl, Kolasib girl, Lunglei girl, Mamit girl, Saiha girl, etc.


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6 Responses to “Mizo ‘Supermodel’ girl Pictures during Chapchar Kut”

  1. 1
    benjamin Says:

    Supermodel? is that show the video referred her? Do understand the language or had someone translate it :-)

    supermodel or whatever, she is quite beautiful, simple and pretty. I am sure you absolutely agree :-)

  2. 2
    Beita Jr. Says:

    Hi Benjamin, these photos were captured from the video. Her short clip was flashed while the journalist was reporting on the festival… Agreed absolutely… She is…. we are proud of her and to show her off to the world is our delight.. hehe..

  3. 3
    rd Says:

    haha… shes caroline zorinsangi kawlni………… shes my x lolz

  4. 4
    David Ralte Says:

    Yup! she is Caroline Zorinsangi of Chhinga Veng, Aizawl.born in 13th March 1990. She got 3(Three) sisters and a broter and she is the oldest among them. She’s a talented girl and born with a true Mizo beauty. She is curently a college student. and I’m proud of everything she does..

  5. 5
    zara Says:

    celo khop mai, mizo hmeicia an duai lo, ka duh reng

  6. 6
    jamala Says:

    lang tha khawp my.lolzzz

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