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Mizo Sex Videos Ripple Effects in Mizoram


Sex videos involving Mizo girls often have ripple effects in the state. Mizoram is a very conservative, overwhelmingly Christian state and the unexpected release of such one video can create a big wave across the state. After all it is a state which professed to sent one missionary out every 10 people according to the then Mizoram Chief Minister Pu Zoramthanga.

If one naked picture¬† of Mizo girl is posted online or spread through mobile phone by some miscreants, it also makes news. Such cases are common everywhere but not in Mizoram – that’s why it becomes a news item.

Mizoram, being part of India’s Bible Belt that runs from the hills of Nagaland in the north to Meghalaya hills in the west and to the Lusei Hills in Mizoram in the South, the general public obviously take such incident as disturbing and have condemned as unacceptable and outrageous immoral act.

Mizoram state police is now watching such activities online and offline. Anyone spreading such videos or pictures through internet or mobile phone can land themselves in a big mess.

Note: This post has been updated on November 28, 2009. The first publication was made on November 28, 2007.


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  1. 71
    L.singson Says:

    A rukin sex video an siama..a rukin a put chhuaka..a rukin kan lo ensak hlawma a.a rukin kan in pe darh leh a..a rukin an lo upload ve leh a..Tu te ber tih sual tak ni ang maw?..(a neitu phalna lova thil lo lak hi rukrukna ani)..mi ruk chhuahsa kan lo ru chhawng te pawh a ang e a.

  2. 72
    lalwma Says:

    tha m

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