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Lai Music Video: Bil sung – Na lung ka tling rua lo


One of the most viewed Lai music videos at Youtube is posted below. The singer is Bil Sung, her voice is really soft and feminine, quite similiar to Hniang Hniang voice but she has her own style which is unique and sweet.

The music video is not among the top 3 most viewed Lai music videos, but I guess the video is the best one. Lai hla, Hakha, Thlantlang, Laimi, Chin music video are possible keywords for this music videos.


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2 Responses to “Lai Music Video: Bil sung – Na lung ka tling rua lo”

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    stevenlingling Says:

    god is good for all the time…i would like to praise the lord…god guidence all of chin people and so many blessing falling on chin peopl today…let us to know each and every one the love of god and to be witneesing the kindom of god…let us praise the lord the name of our god wherever we live…therefore let us pray to gos for our homeland…please don’t be forget who left in homeland those who ministeries in our country…i would like say you to share each other with pra to god…

    ”may the lord guidence all of you”

    by the name of god


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    salaiaunglian Says:

    ka duh

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