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Lai girls – the most beautiful among Kuki-Chin-Mizos?


From time immemorial, among Kuki-Chin-Mizo people Lai girls were known for their beauty. Generally speaking they have better physique than other Kuki-Chin-Mizo girls.  Do you agree?

Lai Chin Mizo girl photo

Possible captions: Lai girl photo, Mizo girl picture, Chin girl pic, Kuki girl pix. Photo taken from a music video at Youtube.

Frankly speaking we do not know. Is it just a myth or are they really more prettier and beautiful than others? Just comment below:


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56 Responses to “Lai girls – the most beautiful among Kuki-Chin-Mizos?”

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  1. 51
    ChinzahHrelian Says:

    Lai girls are the most beautiful amongst Chin/Mizo/kuki clans
    You can read in the book of ‘The Lakhers’

  2. 52
    mama Says:


  3. 53
    khunkhun Says:

    hai nan dam maw?
    keimah ka min cu khunkhun ka si.

  4. 54
    Bawhterawn Says:

    Being a Lai man, I do not support the notion with “Lai girls – the most beautiful among Kuki-Chin-Mizos?” which is no longer the case for now. Besides, this notion can create grumbling ambient among us Chins. Though as a matter of fact, Lai girls were very well known for their beauty with fair and bright complexion in nature in past history, I do not think the notion does not apply nowadays. Lai girls used to be hailed beautiful and charming for their fair complexion and stature among other clans but for now I think Mizo girls are pretty and Zomi girls are also very pretty. When we talk about beauty, we cannot ignore what contribute to this, for example, living standard and economy that our society live in, because they are the major factors for beauty.

  5. 55
    Malsawma_khiangte Says:

    Khawi hmunah pawh kal ila mizo nula in rilru an la ber….an lau chhelo ber anh hi…: D

  6. 56
    yapai Says:

    lai girls are beautifull for me bcoz there costume anf dresses are similar to us as being i am tripuri i think they are part of us one day mistakely they have been to mizoram by the way they looks good………..

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