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Emigration Check Required(ECR) for Indians going abroad


The Indian passport holders who have the stamp of ECR, are required to get emigration clearance from Protector of Emigrants if going out to any country except the country listed below:

The above sentence means that Indian passport holder who have stamp of ECR (who do not have ECNR) can still visit the countries listed below without getting their passports being stamped from Protector of Emigrants:

Pakistan, Bangladesh, European countries (excluding CIS countries), all countries of North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and South Africa.

Note: North America includes Canada, United States of America(USA), Mexico and others.

If the country you are planning to visit isn’t listed above, you must apply for ECNR that will be stamped by Protector of Emigrants in Seven cities across India. The ECNR stamp they put will be valid only for your one time visit. If you are planning to visit again some other countries that require ECNR, you must apply again.


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  1. 331
    Beita Jr. Says:

    Hi Nabeel, China is not an ECR country, therefore ECNR stamping is not required. You may confirm with the nearest POE office in India, link here All the best.

  2. 332
    chawngthu vanlalruati Says:

    hello sir i am chawngthu vanlalruati. I am working in india and I am planning to travel to Hongkong on 7th Nov. 2011 to 11th Nov.2011, as per new rules, could you please tell me whether it comes under ECR or ECNR. since I have taken passport on30.3.2004 and ECNR have been cancelled…

  3. 333
    Beita Jr. Says:

    Hi Pi Ruati, Hong Kong is not an ECR country, therefore, you will not have any issue or problem with the emigration. It means that the suspension of the emigration is not required for Hong Kong even if your passport is ECR status. Bon voyage!

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