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Beth Moore Video: Christian Mean Girls, dress and cover up!


Watch a video of Beth Moore preaching about ‘Mean girls’, who should cover up and not revealed their flesh.

Some Texts of her preaching are below:

Mean girls dress provocatively around other woman’s man. You keep your breasts to yourself. Anybody, and don’t tell me that anybody is dressing by accident. We are very aware of what we are putting on before we leave the house. And you know what I cannot stand about a ‘mean girl’ like that most of the time she doesn’t even care about that God; she just want the power knowing he would look and he is her man but still he will still look at. We have experienced it. Anybody want to argue with that? I just want girls to know what these girls are putting these boys through.

We can be cute and modest all at the same time. As a Godly women, I’m asking you.. I’m a beautiful woman inside my heart without revealing these things!

Who is Beth Moore?

Wanda Elizabeth “Beth” Moore (born Wanda Elizabeth Green on June 16, 1957) is an American evangelist, author, teacher. Moore founded Living Proof Ministries, a biblically-based organization for women, in 1994. Read more from Wikipedia.


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