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Actress Nagma’s testimony – is a Christian now


Popular Bollywood actress Nagma’s journey is very remarkable. Born on Christmas in 1974, she scales successes in Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood. In 2007, she finally accepted Christ as her Saviour and publicly came out about her faith. Her testimonies in public gathering across India have touched the hearts of many. Now she is a choir member, a part time minister of Hindi Church and a follower of Christ.

Nagma Bolly christian Indian Actress
Photos of Bollywood Actress Nagma, now a follower of Jesus Christ the King. Amen.

Christian Messenger, an online Christian newspaper founding editor Robin Sam interviewed her early this year. The followings are excerpts from the interview:

Even though I was not a believer then, I still enjoyed a constant companionship and relationship with Jesus Christ but never really mentioned this as it would have seemed odd then.

Since I was spiritually inclined I read a lot of books in that genre. I also started practicing meditation. I was teaching Art of Living for nearly 12 years. But Jesus continued to intrigue me. Since one of my aunties was a Christian, I kept urging her to tell me more about Christ. In the year 2000, in one such discussion, I said my salvation prayer.

The Church, where she grows up spiritually:
While reading the New Testament, I realized the importance of baptism and also of joining a church. Therefore, I immediately joined Pastor Shekhar Kalyanpur’s New Life Fellowship in Juhu, Mumbai. I took baptism on Jan 4. Since 2007 was a year of rest I decided to take a break from films and continued my Bible study fervently.

What aspect of the Sunday Service do you handle at the New Life Fellowship?

Whenever I am asked to share the Word or my testimony, I do it. Occasionally, I minister in the Hindi church. I am part of the choir, too. People have been inviting me from all over the world to come over and share how God has touched me and how the Word of God has brought about a change in my life. Isn’t this principally the duty of all believers according to the Word of God as it is said in Mathew 28:19-20? I am happy to share the Word of God as it has brought absolute joy in my life and it is the most overwhelming factor too.

How much time in a day do you set apart for reading the Bible, worshipping God  and praying?

I pray at all times. At times for hours together I lock myself in my room and I seek God. I pray anywhere and everywhere. Since the past two years I have considerably cut down on my work just to seek the face of God, wait upon Him and to know His will in my life.

What was Jyothika’s reaction to your accepting Christ?

All of them including my sisters think it’s a phase I am going through and I will get out of it soon. They think I am on my own trip (laughs). In due time, they will come to realize that this is the Way, the Truth and Life.  (Joythika, her younger sister too is a popular actress in the South).

These are perilous times to be a Christian. Aren’t you afraid to be a witness of Jesus Christ in India considering the persecution happening here?

If we think in the flesh, then, of course, we will be very afraid. But if we think in the Spirit, then God will give us the strength. I believe in the verse that the One who is in us is greater than the one in the world. If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31). The Bible also says God will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able. (1 Corinthians 10:13)  The agenda here is neither political nor religious. It’s about the love of the Father for His children and what He has in store for them – His promises as in the Bible. It’s about His agape (unconditional) love. Christianity is not a religion it is a walk with God. It’s Christ-likeness showing you the way to battle evils and enter victoriously into God’s kingdom. In this hour of need, we need to remember that every hair on our head is numbered and nothing will happen to us without the Lord’s knowledge. (Mathew 10:30)

Are you contemplating marriage?

Marriages are made in heaven. If there’s a man that God has chosen for me, then marriage shall happen. But the important thing is, he has to be a believer, a man who has God as his priority and who believes in God’s command stated in Ephesians 5:25.

What are the other qualities that you look for in your man?

I’d want him to have the love of God in his heart first and foremost. I would want him to be a family guy – totally in love with his one wife and proper in his walk with God. (Ephesians 5:28-29)

Do you have any message for our readers?

Love one another and love the Lord God with all your heart and mind and soul. And blessings to all along with all-surpassing peace that the Lord our Father has granted us. Keep me in your prayers, too.

Read the rest of the interview at Click
Truly inspiring. The depth of her faith tells us the kind of Church she attends. She also firmly believes that she will only marry a God fearing man – a Christian to be exact.

May God continue to bless New Life Fellowship and Nagma!

The word of God said, thus:

But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first. – Matthew 19:30
“So the last will be first, and the first will be last.” – Matthew 20:16


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120 Responses to “Actress Nagma’s testimony – is a Christian now”

  1. 1
    Elizabeth Reginald Says:

    I have loved your movies but most of all now i love your decision to be a God’s Princess (child of God)

  2. 2
    amarnath Says:

    Nagma,all movies of yours are good i enjoyed them a lot and infact you are my favourite actress.
    Being a christian,i encourage you to be one as there is immense joy and happiness which the world or money can never give.Jesus Christ will give you eternal life filled with peace.This worlds money and fame are temporary and will vanish in no time.But the blessings of Jesus christ are eternal.
    Jesus Christ is alive forever more.He will come again any moment to recieve you,be prepared for Him.
    Please do keep in touch through my e mail address

  3. 3
    amarnath Says:

    Nagma your testimony is genuine,may God bless and reveal to you the true peace which only Jesus can give
    Thie worldy fame and fortune is temporary and will soon pass away,but what is done for Jesus will last
    He is coming soon to recieve you so be prepared.
    Please do keep in touch through my e mail address

  4. 4
    amarnath Says:

    Congratulations Nagma!
    May God bless you abundantly for your bold decision and guide you into the knowledge of salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  5. 5
    BABU Says:


  6. 6
    SURENDRA Says:

    one day I came accross your testimoney on the web. I was astoneshed. Was it Nagma. How wonder it was to hear. now nagma is a new born in Lord with love compassion and desire to share the wisdom of Lord with those who did not experience the harmoney and peace in Lord.

    May his choiceist blessings be always with you.

  7. 7
    pope sagay (alias)raja Says:

    Respected Dear,
    Iam Pope Sagay,From Mayiladuthurai Nagapattinam Dt,Iam 41years Christian Divorcee Person.Iam a Small Businessman In my Town.Now I like Join BJP National Party.Because i want Your’s Good Contact and Respectable Relationship.
    I pray for Your’s Folloing Our JESUS CHRIST.
    One Great Cross Of the Story in my Life…Because I love My JesusChrist.
    Please Contact Me.Your’s Heart and Soul and Mind all of Blessed From In The Heaven.God Bless In your’s Strength.
    Loving in Christ,

  8. 8
    James George Says:

    Nagma I liked your testimony and it encourage me a lot in Gods faith. I gave me strenght that if such a popular celebrity can leave everything for Gods love and why not we people leave all the worldly attarction and prepare ourself to enter in the kingdom of God. I request to every visitor please move forward in the love of God. Nagma please pray fro me and my family so that we all received salvation.

  9. 9
    gijo Says:

    hello dear

    Its nice to see that you have accepted christanity. Actually being a hindu myself I felt a bit disappointed. but its ok with you since sexiness as such is a religion in its own so does’nt make much difference even if you accept christ

  10. 10
    VWynad Says:

    It is good to know that some people are willing to leave their celebrity lifestyle behind to follow Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I pray that God use Nagma in a mighty way, so that many people in all walks of life see the light and accept Christ as their personal savior. All glory and honor belongs to Jesus.

  11. 11
    job dondapati Says:

    dear sister,
    you are my best actress,i love your movies.when i hear your witness i felt very happy and you taken good decision to belive true God.I feel one day I will see in heaven
    the glory of God.May God bless you and your witness through out the world.

    Thanking you
    your ‘s obediently

    Br Job Dondapati

  12. 12

    in continuation of my comments dated 13.03.2009
    I would like to know whether Sr.Nagma is still involved in Sri Sri Ravisankar’s art of living ?

    Sajan Thampy

  13. 13
    Mahen Gopala Says:

    Hi Nagma , welcome in kingdom of God .
    I can see how the living God is using you to save milion of his children. would like to meet soon . From Southhall / UK

  14. 14
    amarnath Says:

    Dear Nagma,

    Despite what all people say and think just ignore them and follow the path of peace that leads to eternal life through Jesus Christ our lord.
    your testimony has truly encouraged me a lot.
    May God bless,guide and be with you always.

  15. 15
    Monsy Varghese Says:

    Ms. Nagma,

    I am happy to hear about your witness and your acceptance of Jesus Christ. Can you spread this message among the world of films, in India and abroad.

    Can you also encourage the present film producers to make films on real love and not reel love.

    Will you attend small churches in rural areas if invited.



  16. 16
    biak Says:

    It’s nice to go through your ‘testimony’ and I pray that this will be a blessing for those who reads it in some way or the other.


  17. 17

    Dear Nagma mam;

    I am Manish from ranchi jharkhand.I am engineering are my best actress i saw all movies of yours in different language like tamil,marathi,telugu,punjabi,bhojpuri,bengali and hindi.when i hear your witness i felt very happy and you taken good decision to belive true God.your are a set an example that god is one.
    Every moring i pray to lord durga for your good health and successful carrier.mam iwant to meet you.
    please contact me .

    PHONE NO:-09178581423

  18. 18
    Amarnath prabhakar Says:

    Dear Nagma,
    Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
    For you to prosper spiritually please preach the gospel of Jesus christ which will be a special blessing to you and protection from evil.Make this as the top priority in your life.
    God bless and be with you always.

  19. 19
    laveena Says:

    Dear sister,

    Am thankfull togod to add onemore sis for me in chrits. God bless u…

  20. 20
    david Says:

    i really apprieciate the way u accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as ur personal saviour May God bless u in every way of ur life


  21. 21
    Jays Says:

    Hi Nagma,
    I was so surprised to see u when I checked out some christian site. At first I didnt believe my eyes but then I came to terms with the truth. Hats off to you and Praise God is all that I can say. I am so glad that the world of films and all the show and fame that cinema brings, is not in the way of u and God. Do pray for me. I will also remember to pray for u. God bless you.

  22. 22
    Jays Says:

    I was so surprised to see u when I checked out some christian site. At first I didnt believe my eyes but then I came to terms with the truth. Hats off to you and Praise God is all that I can say. I am so glad that the world of films and all the show and fame that cinema brings, is not in the way of u and God. Do pray for me. I will also remember to pray for u. God bless you.

  23. 23
    Kalaimegalai Says:

    I can’t belive you that you become a Gods child. You have to come one day for my hostel to share about jesus my address M.B.K.G.Pannai,Kasam,Katpadi vellore-7. Try your level best if god speak to u you com

  24. 24
    samuel Says:

    she showed her a good holy life. GOD bless her n let her testimony
    may bring change in others life

  25. 25
    suresh peter Says:

    Praise the Lord,

    Nagma it is incredible that you have become a testimony for christ,Nagma I am sure your life is going to be at peace in Christ,bcoz serving Christ is the most pleasurable profession on this earth,it might enrage the people who do not know about christ,but your are going to be a steadfast witness for christ,I remember that I ‘ve watched lot of famous movies of you and to-day that Nagma is a gospel server, it is indeed a fabulous and amazing news to the world,praise and glory to Jesus for ever and ever……

  26. 26
    Caroline Says:

    this is shamefull!!!! if you know anything about whats going on in the world, you should know that all the precious ancient polytheistic religions in the world have been replaced by christianity. ironically when, christians and most people in the west no longer take their religion seriously and statistics say 60% or more of the western population is atheist or just doesnt care about religion. have you ever heard of a hindu missionary!!?? its because hinduisma nd buddism and other such religions have RESPECT FOR HUMANITY!!! they understand and respect the wishes of christian, muslims,etc…. however, people taking advantage of this seem to be constantly trying to convert them. when really the people who originated christianity dont care about it any more!! this poses bigger questions like….do indians needing to want to be so much like white westerners that they will do the dumbest things like this and embaress themselves to the world just to be more “modern” and “cool”. in the midst of all this, our culture, among the most ancient still existent cultures is dissaperaing!!! i am a born indian but live in canada now….and i assure you, people here are bored with their lack of culture and traditions!! some of my friends are even envious of my rich culture. i dont understan why my country is so willing and not caring when it comes to discarding that tradition!!!


    coming back to nagma….she is seriously brain washed, and im worried if many other hindus will follow her path. i am an indian christian myself. but i can see that hinduism and other old religions protect precious and beautiful cultures that cant be formed again in the 21st century. please people just back off. let beautiful traditions and culture survive. if indian future is like canadas…sure everybody will be fine, but we will lack festivals, and cultural bonding that keeps us together. people here have nothing holding them together. there is no culture. people are vey independent, however most people are lonely and have nobody for them!! in indian the thought of ending up alone in unimaginable, but in a traditionless, culture free country, it it all too constant!!
    i have strayed!!
    no offence to anyone, but back off the conversions and claiming to have found god.
    hindus, muslims, buddhists, jains, sikhs and christians will follow the path of humanity (and that is beautiful)….not any other kind of path stated by any religion or cult that we created ourselves.

  27. 27
    Sunil Srisunder Says:



  28. 28
    Sunil Srisunder Says:

    Dear Nagma,

    Praise the Lord. Though it is almost 3 years, you are in the Lord, I welcome you in the Kingdom of Heaven in Jesus name. I pray that the whole Holly, Bolly, Tolly & Kollywood will realise the importance of Jesus & know Jesus personally….

    I am proud to say that one of my Sister comes from a Bollywood background.

    Continue to run the race that God has set before you…..

    Remain Blessed in Jesus our Lord.. Amen..

    Sunil Srisunder – 09011028030

  29. 29
    Serah Kolukulapally Says:

    Dear Nagma(Nandita)
    Praise The Lord,may God the father,the Son and the Holy Spirit,have comunion with you for ever and ever Amen.
    Nagma from me to you PSLAMS chapter 91 please read the whole chapter every verse is for you.
    If God be with you who can be against you Well Done, Well Done.Well Done
    I surely remember you in my personal prayer
    May God convert many souls by your testomony.
    please pray for my husband who is Punjabi Sikh, and two daughters 4years and younger one 6months
    Thank You God Bless you

  30. 30
    yet another hindu infidel Says:

    religion – any religion – is mostly dogma. orders come from GOD and people follow them. anyone who questions GOD then becomes “fair game”. If you look back at history, there are few religions that have not used savage force to make people follow them. christianity has done it many times (for an example, see how the cathars were massacred in the 13th century and so has islam which may i say has broken all records. but you need to understand that both these religions are monotheistic ones – they hold the belief that there is only one GOD, and that anyone who does not believe in there GOD are “infidels”. and the founders of both these religions had been victims of persecution because of their beliefs. hinduism, on the other hand, flourished far away from religious warfare because there was no major religion which it had to fight to gain supremacy. and there was no single god in whom people had to believe. the three major threats to hinduism – buddhism, sikhism and jainism – came from within its fold (and this is 500 years before christianity made its appearance), and hinduism adapted their ideas to become the predominant religion again.

    most religions have kept pace with time (its strange how irrationality can survive over thousands of years). christianity has made this (uneasy) shift to the 21st century – barring a few exceptions, there is no religious warfare going on. hinduism – are neither here nor there; over the years, the soft side of the religion is vanishing. in this digital age, people have gotten more and more conservative, and that is a dangerous thing. but a major part of islam still finds itself in the medieval ages – but that is probably due to the regions where the religion is rooted – the middle east and africa – places where democracy is a foreign word. and most of the migration to europe, particularly to countries like holland is from this area.

    the only way to fix the mess is to target those who spread the message of intolerance – sometimes from mosques, churches and government funded schools. but that is easier said than done. in fact, governments are making things worse by resorting to political correctness on one hand, and attacking muslim dominated countries on the other (iraq under saddam was a much safer place compared to the mess the americans have managed to make of it). for example, why do governments go out of their way to prevent books and cartoons targeting islam from being published? When they do that, they display the same islamophobia that their citizens do. unless the message of freedom of speech is sent loud and clear to every islamic republic, things are not going to change.

    my view on religion is something like bill maher’s (i am a confirmed atheist, though). he said this when asked about scientology, but its applicable to every religion – “You [a Scientologist], like all religious people, have a neurological disorder. And the only reason why people think it’s sane is because so many other people believe the same thing. It’s insanity by consensus.” True. Religion is insanity by consensus.

    i think there are enough people here who understand the issues without being “pseudo-secular”. no need to call them.

  31. 31
    Aravindan Says:

    It is up to her but i still can’t understand why whenever people from other religion when conver to christianity becomes more fanatic and start saying that only jesus christ can give true peace. A true religion will never criticize others religion and i am very proud to say that the religion i mean is Hinduism.
    Hindus believe that all religion have different ways but will end in same destination. But christians will say that only jesus christ can give eternal peace.
    Christians are a good salesman and their product is jesus christ. The christian missionaires can be seen everywhere, at hospital, bus stop, shopping complex, home to home and even inside toilets promoting their product. They even offer money in return converting them. I also few times stuck with this kind of missionaires. I kicked their ass and they run like ben johnson.
    I am a Hindu and i regard Jesus Christ as a guru. I even respect Nabi Muhammad.
    Jesus christ never asks people to convert to christian, he only says that come to me and serve god, not converting people.
    Roman emperor Constantine are the one who turned humanly jesus to god and asks christians to pray on sunday coz romans pray on sunday to their sun god. Even revelation was added later after vote countings. 666 is actually a code name for nemo ceaser (may be wrong spelling) but christians are saying 666 is anti christ.
    The biggest joke is only christians can go to heaven. It’s ok, you all christians go to heaven.
    I am 100% sure that nagma have been brain washed. It’s ok if she really love jesus christ but i warn you fellow christians not to condemn others religion.
    If any christian missionaires try to convert me again in future, i will definitely cut their tongue so that they will never ever talk again.

  32. 32
    shalini.bangalore Says:

    i feel proud of you nagma. even im a believer of we all belong to one family of u a lot sister.wish i get a chance to speak to you.i will defnitely pray for jyothika,surya and your entire family to come into god very soon.wish i had a chance to talk to you a lot.

  33. 33
    Nagesh Says:

    My kind advise to critics above, please do not perceive this as conversion. Your minds are so programmed with such concepts, you are not able to understand salvation, unable to understand what a testimony is. Nagma’s testimony is not about how and why she converted to christianity. It is about how she discovered Jesus is the true saviour (Christ) of the world. Jesus did not found Christianity. Christianity was founded by Europeans who twisted the teachings of Jesus to suit their self pusuits. Christianity is a mess of European traditions and customs. But Jesus the Truth, the Way and Life Himself. Jesus never founded any religion. It is men who made religions. Jesus is alive and can be experienced spiritually. Natural men cannot understand the things of the Spirit. Critics, please read the Bible, the four gospels and then you will understand Jesus.

  34. 34
    amarnath Says:

    Dear nagma,
    Despite what people say about you or christianity pursue the path of peace,through your testimony i firmly believe that you have become a christian through Gods call and not through brain washing or conversion in the worldly sense as people say or think just dont bother about such comments.
    I am sure that in finding Jesus you have found true lasting peace which the world can never give by any means.
    This life is short and transitory and only what is done for Jesus will last eternally.He is coming very soon in the mid air to recieve all those who stand for Him.He is alive forever more
    So i encourage you to continue and stand for Jesus.please read Psalms 91 and 121.Jesus will never forsake you He loves you very much equally as He loves anyone in this whole world,
    because God is love.Jesus can be experience spiritually if you require any sort of help He is always there to protect.Jesus gives wisdom in crisis Read James 1:5, colossians 2:3 and 1 Corithians 1:30.Jesus says all power in this world or the next world is is given to me so dont worry.Greater is He(Jesus) that is in you than he that is in the world (satan).
    I am telling all this to encourage you.Dont worry i will pray to
    God to strengthen you to face all sorts of opposion.
    May God bless and be with you always

  35. 35
    yet another hindu infidel Says:

    worshipping a doll with eight hands seems silly but the belief in “only one god – i.e. our god” seems dangerous to me.

  36. 36
    Micahel Samy Says:

    Ms Nagma has converted. It is her personal affair.
    Let her ponder over this.
    Who wants her testimony?
    Suppose, her aunty is not a Christian, what would be her religion of conversion?
    If Ms Nagma had read the religious doctrines of her previous religion deeply, do anyone think that she will convert to any religion?
    Because of her film career, millions of men had already morally sinned and spoiled their spiritual life. What act of compensation she is going to do? Is this repairable?

    Only crazy persons change their religion. One changes religion means something is wrong somewhere. That somewhere is only known to her.

  37. 37
    niraj kumar chourasiya Says:

    ms nagma is most beautiful girl but bhojpuri actress me no one (1) my favret actress is nagma

  38. 38
    Venda Noel Mathew Says:

    I feel it is really great to know that a great actress like you has left all the glamour and popularity and chosen Christ. It is hard to imagine anybody doing a thing like this at the peak of their career.

  39. 39
    Adv Johny Joseph Says:

    I fully agree with Michel Samy. Now days it has become a fashion, this is happening because of the rampant profileration by some radical churches. who only taint the name of christianity. i know many converted who convert for best reasons known to them but dont mind taking bribe witout any hesitation. last year in train i met a boy who was son of a pastor asked money in chennai central station stating that his purse has been picked, but has not returned the money till now despite me making many calls to his home his father the pastor always tells me “god bless you” ect and promises to return the money but till now it didnt happen.these are people who only make mokery of religion.
    Nagma would have spoilt the character of so many people but her skimpy appearences now wats the point of being a christian.

  40. 40
    niraj kumar chourasiya Says:

    nagma is very good bhojpuri acterees i like nagma

  41. 41
    amarnath Says:

    Nagma,since you have accepted christ you are a new creature
    God through Christ has forgiven all your past sins and misdoings.See Isa 43:18.It will not affect you in anyway.
    All people are born in sins and there is not one single person who is perfect in presence of God.So cheer up you are now a new creation.So dont bother what critics say has no value or meaning

  42. 42
    M.Jessy Preeth Glory Says:

    I was really inspired by your testimony , God is great, I pray God to save all who are behind the glamours and fame of cinema, let good films which says the love of God come in future ,

  43. 43
    felcy.s Says:

    Comment from Felcy Devanasan.(Bangalore)

    Hi Nagma
    We are glad to hear your testimony and we thank you aunty who bought you in christ. Pls pray for me, Husband and my 3 years son Kevin jonathan.
    And Visite Bangalore and share your Testimoney.
    Iam from church of Lord jesus christ

    Contact me 9341820099

  44. 44
    Milly Says:

    Praise God for Ms. Nagma’s Salvation.
    We can fully believe that With God Nothing is Impossible!
    I pray nothing in this world hinders her spiritual life.
    For the unbelievers :
    Micah 7:18 ,19
    Who is a God like unto thee, that pardoneth iniquity, and passeth by the transgression of the remnant of his heritage? he retaineth not his anger for ever, because he delighteth in mercy.
    19 He will turn again, he will have compassion upon us; he will subdue our iniquities: and thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.
    A Believer in Christ.

  45. 45
    Ashok Kumar Says:

    Wow relax people
    Leave Nagma alone, she found a path.
    Let her walk on it.

    What is wrong with hinduism? Nothing
    what is wrong with Islam? Nothing

    what is wrong with Christianity then? Nothing
    Christ Jesus died at the cross, rose again on 3rd day
    and now dwells in your heart, soul, mind.

    What is wrong with that? Nothing

    some crazy fanatics have given bad names to their
    religions whether Christianity, hinduism or Islam or

    Go ahead ” Nagma ” follow your new path, without
    rejecting other religions, and shine.
    Let other see teaching of your Guru ji Jesus.

    People are hard to please.

    Shanti and joy
    Ashok Kumar, USA

  46. 46
    Robert Udyavar Says:

    Hi all,

    Faith is a biggest gift one could be blessed with. No offence to any beliefs, may God strengthen Nagma in her faith.

  47. 47
    Rosetta Says:

    Hi Nagma,

    Praise The Lord !!!

    I am so elated to read your testimony. Continue your walk with Jesus, come what may. May the good Lord continue to use you for his glory. If I wish you to come to my prayer meeting to share your testimony, then how do i get in touch with you??

    GOD BLESS !!!

  48. 48
    Joseph Abraham Says:

    Dear Nagma,

    I was touched by your destimonies, It took me all these years to know about the Love of our Gracious Lord Father, now I am born agoin a christian, I came from a Catholic bac kground and I was nott endowed with Holy Spirit, after a bitter divorce I am remaried to my sweet beloved wife from Trivandrum.

    Please continue to walk with the Lord, Dear Sister Nagma you have touched my heart and I will keep you in my prayers


    Joseph Abraham
    USJ 6/1 Selangor Malaysia

  49. 49
    A.S.Mathew Says:

    Let God use her in a mighty way to reach out millions of her
    fans all across India and world, also her friends in the
    movie industry. Only Jesus can give inner peace and
    abundant life. I was greatly surprised by her deep knowledge in the
    Bible: she was studying Bible for a very long time. God bless

  50. 50
    Jagadish Says:

    Hi Nagma,

    You might be a celebrity, but you are just any other person in the eyes of the Lord. You are being highlighted only because humans tend to think celebrities would have lost their characters in the process and would have an ugly inside. You have just proved that you have such a good heart and accepting mind, truely appreciate that!! My sincere suggestion for you is to reveal the Word of God to all other celebrities including your sisters who are going to perish without Jesus in their hearts before they leave this earth.


    Jagadish Chowdary

  51. 51
    Aruna Says:

    Hi Nagma,

    I am feeling happy to hear that you sought Jesus finally. You don’t know me and i don’t know you in person. But being a celebrity i heard of you and saw you on the screen. I read your testimony and it was quiet impressive. My advice to you will only be onething – Kindly don’t lose Christ from your heart with anyones impact on you and if possible spread the Word to other Celebrities and help them live eternal life and realize what they lost in the name of popularity or money or whatever….

    I wish you all good happening in your life here on….

    God Bless !!

    Aruna Tumma

  52. 52
    samraj Says:

    i rrreally felt surprize and we came to know through your daring testimony.May god bless you and through you god will do many miracles and am sure India will feel the touch of our loving everlasting JESUS CHRIST amen

  53. 53
    Joseph Says:

    Let humanity fear about the day of judgment, nagma is an example, she just saved from the day of judgment. If one who listen to these gospels, and doesn’t have a salvation, then there is a day, each will have to answer. Then these vague points would’nt really work. then, no rocket science will work, each will have to answer about their personal life(why they didn’t accepted jesus?). Jesus died on the cross for each of us, one needn’t to take any membership in any christian churches, but believe in jesus. god gave his own son, for our sins.

  54. 54
    Mohan Patnaik Says:

    Dear All,
    I found it very intriguing going through all the comments both positive and negative. All the negative comments made are contradictory and therefore self defeating.

    Truth remains that it was Jesus who said ‘I am the way, the truth and the life and NO one comes to the father (God) except through me’. For me this is most reasonable statement to believe than to believe in ‘All Gods / Paths are the same and lead to the same God’ particularly when there are fundamental differences in each of the world view. I would strongly encourage everyone who thinks that Christianity is a western religion to read some basic history to know the origin of Christianity.
    I agree that it is ‘The Christian’ who brought disrepute to ‘Christ’. If any one wants to know the truth, I would encourage you to pick up a Bible and read and know the truth by yourself. I have read and searched most of the world views and came to this conclusion that it is very reasonable to believe that ‘Christ is the only way’ because of his uniqueness in Birth (born of a virgin), life (sinless and perfect life), death (perfect sacrifice for remission of sins of many including myself), resurrection (conquered the death and hence gave life to all those who believe in him) and eternal hope (he will come again when the dead who believed in him will raise again and rule).
    It is Jesus’s desire that ALL be saved and none perish and He has given us the ‘freewill’ to accept or reject. Its my prayer that All may know Him and be cleansed by His precious blood and have life eternal.

    Its okay to deny the truth and believe that there is no life after death but the consequences are irreversable.

  55. 55
    D.Krupavathi Says:

    Dear beloved sister nagma,

    we appreciate your faith in Jesus, and your life is a great model to many.

  56. 56
    Kavitha Says:

    Dear Nagma,

    I have been creating a website to share testimony of people in christ . Soon I will upload your testimony and let you know.

  57. 57
    ujjwal kumar ray Says:

    Dear beloved sister Nagma,

    GOD is like so, HE loves everybody. But due to our sins we can’t feel HIS love. Through HIS only begotten son JESUS, GOD reaveled HIS love.

    One night, in my dream JISUS had appeared and proved that, HE is the suprime of the world.

    Dear, I shall be happy if you allow me to exchange our experience about true love of our CREATOR GOD.

    May GOD be with you in every steps of your new life.

    With regards

  58. 58
    ShanthiCharles.C Says:

    Dear sister in christ,
    God heard our prayer for ur salvation,so i want to meet u,pls sent ur phone number to this email address.we pray for u god reveals many more things about ur i wants to contact u.As soon as possible God forced me . may God be with u in every steps of ur new life. sent ur any contact address.pls……………………………………….thank u my sister. our ministry is ‘THE COMFOTER MINISTRY TRUST’

  59. 59
    Skariah John Says:

    You have chosen the RIGHT WAY. Best wishes and thank for your testimony which will inspire many. I really want you to preach and give your testimony to all the ends of the earth. This is not for converting Hindus to Christianity but to let people know who is JESUS.

  60. 60
    Mariaprabhudoss Says:

    Hi Nagma,

    I am thankful to god because you have chosen the RIGHT WAY. God bless u…

  61. 61
    Sister Says:

    Dear Nagma,

    JESUS is the only way for eternal life.

    May GOD Bless you.

  62. 62
    Daniel Biswas Says:

    Dear Sister Nagma Its really a challenging testimony of your life. Its true this world is not our eternal home,accept Heaven so always cheer others for the glory of God to reach the eternal home.
    God Bless you abundantly throught your life.

  63. 63
    Rahul Says:

    Dear Nagma

    May God Bless you

  64. 64
    gracejoshua Says:

    dear nagma in christ,
    i am really very happy to see you in christ now.i was one of the fervant prayer warrior who was praying for u 2 honestly that u know the truth.really i am very much happy that jesus has answered my prayers.i wanted u 2 be in heaven & not 2 go to hell.thank god that the living god has put you in the comfort zone of his.actually i don’t know how 2 express my joy.i will be keep on praying for still & know that he is the lord.the lord will fight for u.need not worry about any worldly person.continue to serve the lord.very eagerly waiting to meet u in heaven.taste & see that the lord is good.he will guide u in all the ways of ur life.u shall be a great testimony for the lord.may the good lord use u mightily.he is elshaddai.bye.

  65. 65
    Arockiaselvi Says:

    Hi nagma,

    i feel very happy that now you are under the presence of my almighty god, “JESUS CHRIST”. there is nothing in the world without him. He is the only god that gives us joy and peace. Ya, that god is now yours savior. May god bless, guide, and be with you. Please do keep in touch with me and pray for me.

  66. 66
    Rev. Benjamin Dupte Says:

    Praise God that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Persnol Saviour and I belive you will Change many peoples life through your testimony, May God bless you and help you to win Souls for his Kingdom. Amen

  67. 67
    Rev. Benjamin Dupte Says:

    Praise God that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Persnol Saviour and I belive you will Change many peoples life through your testimony, May God bless you and help you to win Souls for his Kingdom. Amen
    Rev. Benjamin Dupte
    Latur, Maharshtra, India

  68. 68
    John Says:

    My God Bless you…

    You are the example for those behind money find nothing but those behind Jesus they will find everything…Thanks for finding jesus in your life..Keep rock on his name.

    Once again small advice never leave Jesu here after or else you will surely in trouble.

  69. 69
    John Pavan Says:

    Dear Nagma,

    Greetings to you in the name of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Im very happy for you and as the word says that im sure there would have been a great joy in heaven when you gave your life for Christ.

    At this time I just want to give you one promise which I believe in, Philippians 1:6 says He who began a good work in us will carry it on to completion until the day of Jesus Christ.

    So Im sure you would have lot of questions, doubts and request, just believe and claim the above promise and Im sure he will reveal his will to you.

    God bless you abundantly and give you enough stregnth to spread the life of Christ which is in you to others so through your testimony they may also come to the saving knowldege of Christ. Im proud of you.

  70. 70
    vijay renu Says:

    it is good to see that people like u r coming to the Lord. so, now go for the LORD JESUS

  71. 71
    Peace Maker Says:

    Dear Sister,
    God Touched me With Holy Spirit Because of Your Testimony. I Have repented My sins and born Again with His Holy Spirit. You are one my Sister Partners in my daily life with Lord Jesus With Others to Share.
    Lets Have Joy with Lord everlasting Kingdom of God.

    Brother In Christ.


  72. 72
    aloma Antonio Says:

    Dear sis in Christ,

    Nothing is impossible to god.

    May God Bless you.

    Sis In Christ, Aloma Antonio- Doha,Qatar

  73. 73
    Thomas Chandrasekar Says:

    Sis In Christ, Greetings to you in the name of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ.I am very happy and very proud about you. Philippians 3:21, 4:1

    May God Bless you.

  74. 74
    Janet Says:

    Dear Nagma, I am very happy know that you have become a follower of Jesus Christ. Do you know anything about Roman Catholic Church? Have you ever tried to know about Mother Mary? RC church is the only foundation which was laid by Jesus Christ, till the 16th century there was only one church. After King Martin Luther got separated from the chuch all the other denominations came into existance. Only the RC Church uses the original bible and all the other denominations use King James II version (edited copy). In new testament Jesus tells if you want to be my disciples leave everything and follow me. Then why the pasters get married and live a live lavish life. Why do their kids study in posh schools, why do they use people’s money to buy bigger cars, travel abroad? Think about it and also pray to God to show you the right path to follow him. Your belowed sister Janet

  75. 75
    suvarna Says:

    hi sister nagma! i am very astonished on seeing ur testimony.i am filled with joy.really its a great miracle.Because Being a celebrity,you confess the JESUSCHRIST as ur lord.No one dare to do this.Because everyone who is in that good position doesnt dare to give that good testimony.They may fear to do that.By ur answering to that interviewer I really came to know that u are a real christian.Just ignore all the persons who try to get u back .steadfast in faith and the lord and get closer to lord until no one can seperate u from our gracious father JESUSCHRIST.

  76. 76
    Sis Alka Nisha Says:

    Praise the Lord………sister Nagma i am glad to hear your testimony and the tears come in my eye’s i pray for you God bless you and your life its nevr decreas when you always follow God’s plan………the joy of the Lord is your strength the peace of the Lord is your strength……..He is always save you guide you. The Lord has Giving me one verse for you and that is 1peter 2:9 read this verse its blessed your life .GOD BLESS YOU in the name of JESUS—–AMEN!

  77. 77
    Annjoy Says:

    Dear Nagma. Praise God for one more addition to the Kingdom of God. I Thank Him with my whole heart that you have found your redeemer who saved you from this sinful world. People differ in their opinion because their thinking is limited to this world. When we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour the sinful nature in us dies and the spirit of the Lord come to live in us.and everyone of us become a new creation. We all are free in Christ. He is the way ,the truth and life. Follow Him and preach His Gospel to the world.It is our greatest duty to bring out our fellow human beings too to this light from darkness . It can be fulfilled only by spreading this great news. His name is above all names. Glory to God.

  78. 78
    Bala Says:

    Dear Ms Nagma,

    Hope u r doing well in Christ. Very epy knowing that you have accepted Christ as your Savior. Jesus has taken ur past and cast it out deep in the sea…when Christ Himself has forgiven you and forgotten ur sins…what is man that they are taking about ur pass? Don’t be afraid of like Paul..stand firm…carry Christ in ur life always and He will definetely honor you…God Bless You….

  79. 79
    Annjoy Says:

    Dear Nagma, Praise the Lord. “Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings like eagles they shall run and not be weary , They shall walk and not faint”. Isaiah 40:31 T he joy of a person who rejects the past sinful life and comes to light is unexplainable. So my dear sister Nagma pray for all those who are very rude and negative in your action because they are ignorant about the truth and who Jesus Christ is. To all those brothers and sisters, I have to tell u that when God touches a person he or she cannot stay in the same state any longer. God bless you all

  80. 80
    lithin philip Says:

    Dear sister , it is the eternal desire of our GOD that we may be holy in body sole and spirit,that”s the reaon he shed his blood on the cross of calvry for us.
    may god bless you.

  81. 81
    popeye Says:

    Its lovely…awesome……… words to describe the love of r heavenly father………that he has saved u……..rock on with peace……. happiness n love…………dont bother about anything…..r heavenly father will take care of every minute thing my dear………….have a wonderful prayerful life…a small sugestion…..take evert oppurtunity the lord has given u to tell others about the love of chirst…….n make them to depend on r lord

  82. 82
    P. George Says:

    Dear Sister,

    It is awesome to read your testimony. Finding the true God and following Him is something great in your life. Jesus has paid the price already on the cross by shedding His blood for us. I pray that the Lord will continue to guide you and help you to minister among many, and more souls will be saved and added to His kingdom for His glory. May God bless you in abundance.

  83. 83
    Annjoy Says:

    Dear sister in Christ , God bless u. Will u be able to contact me through the e-mail id which is given above. I happened to attend the same church few years ago. My daughter was a member of this church too. I had gone through most of the comments given above. I have to tell them that Bible is a special book and whoever happened to read and understand the meaning in the very sense it is written, cannot reject any word of it.The person who accepted Jesus Christ as his personal saviour , receives a special anointing Many are attracted to the sufferings of Jesus on the cross , others love Him not only because of the sufferings on the cross but also because of His resurrection.The cross speaks of the Lords reign through His victory . whereas resurrection speaks of the Lord Himself. So an intimate relationship is formed. . This relationship is like an unbreakable bond between the believer and Christ the Lord.The believer not only heard about Jesus and accepted him but also experiences the power and glory of God. Unless and until a person passes through this stage he cannot have the great joy a true believer in Christ is experiencing. So I pray for all those who look down upon sis. Nagma in her selection of the path she had taken. May God bless each and every one of us.

  84. 84
    mark Says:

    all i can say is Nagma has achived what every normal person yearns for in life, fame, riches & lavish life style and to just throw away everthing and follow the path of ‘Jesus’ clearly indicates the work of the holy spirit per say..’Not you But it is I who have chosen you’ Nagma is indeed blessed to be chosen by the Lord.

  85. 85
    Sylvia Says:

    To Mr. Aravindan

    The religious tolerance of Hindus as well known to the world by the demolition of the Babur Masjid, the demolition of churches in Gujarat and the brutal murder of the Australian pastor along with his children (they were burnt to death) . I am an Indian and I know what level of tolerance Hindu fanatics have towards other religions. In my point of view every religion has good people and bad people. By the way, Christianity is not a religion it is a way of life. Conversion means converting for Christ due to a personal experience of Christ. If I follow Christ and live a life that Christ has taught me then I will attract people because of my goodness. This makes others want to follow Christ because of the way I live. So they convert because they like Christianity, which is a way of living. It is because of the rigid and cruel restrictions that Hinduism imposes on the people of lower and backward communities they prefer to follow Christianity or Islam where they find respect and dignity. Try to mend the faults in your religion before you try to blame other religions by trying to say that they are aimed at converting people. Break the rigid rules in your systems that will help the people and don’t try to blame people who try to educate and help the under privileged. If your religion is flawless then nobody would want to move out of it. Try to rectify that first. I was not a Christian but I became one because of a personal experience with Christ. I loved and admired the way true Christians lived Christianity. Christianity is not about ritualism it is about being practical. Moreover, I think in India every human being has the right to follow any religion he or she prefers. The government does not impose any rule on the people to follow Hinduism. First try to see the flaws in your religion then you will understand why people convert to Christianity and Islam. Repair the flaws in your religion. Service and love for the underprivileged is the basis of Christianity. You cannot blame anyone for practicing it. Again, Christianity is a way of life. If you can try to incorporate goodness into your religion and make your people practice it would be great! Don’t blame missionaries for doing good to the needy. If you can, try to form a faith that can do good and then use your serpent tongue to speak.
    In Christ, with Christ and for Christ

  86. 86
    Annjoyjacob Says:

    Destruction and hatred of any kind is not of a good spirit whether it is human killing or demolishing buildings of holy places or any other kind. If you are of a good spirit you can love your enemies even instead of reacting to them in the same way as they do, which will provocate them and make things from bad to worse. The attitude of tolerance and forgiveness is not an easy task for an ordinary person who is more of the world. By fearing The true God and accepting and following certain principles you can do this to a certain extent. Ms. Nagma chose Jesus Christ as an example for her life to follow as Jesus Himself is the way, the truth and life.He showed the right path and set an example of an unblemished life for mankind , not a particular sect of people.There is no religion in this. Those who are thirsty can come and have a drink …… The water of life!!. It is free for everyone!!!!!! Time is very short.

  87. 87
    Ancy Prince Says:

    Hai Ms. Nagma, I am a born again christian. From child hood I have not seen movies and not gone to theators. after my PUC first time my dad took me to 10 commandments. and after marraige 3 english movies. But I have heard about you and read about you. I am very happy that God has selected you to be his messanger for his people to spread Gospel. What ever god does he does for good and he will utilize you for the good purpose so that your mission to be in the world will be completely for his Glory.

  88. 88
    Kuitina Andrew Says:

    Dear sister,
    I am amazed to see and know that God has saved you out of darkness. I am also worried that your past life hinder your go ‘AHEAD’. But my prayer is, please follow the Step of Christ and try to win the houndreds of your fan who are still in dark-without the LIGHT of the world.
    God bless you and use you for this sepcial task He has called you for.

  89. 89
    suresh Says:

    best discition nagama take care and good luck god bless you all the best

  90. 90
    Pr.jaison C T Says:

    As I was going through the words, I was so astonished to see that you are a real committed christian . may GOD bless you abundantly with HIS richest blessings from heaven. Sure that GOD will use you greatly in the days ahead.
    Can you pls sent your phone number and email ID. infact we would like to have a conference in our place and hear your testimony.

    In Christ.

  91. 91
    Emmanuel Says:

    Dear Sister,
    May god shower is richest blessing upon you, run till the end never give up the race you are running i ll pray for you.

    bro in christ

  92. 92

    I thank my living/loving God from the bottom of my heart for saving this dear sister Nagma.
    Now its time to pour out her life at his feet totally without looking left or right. We all must always remember one important thing its not the beginning, but the end of our lives it has to be a glorious end. My humble request to this dear sister in the most holy presense of my Most Holy God is “Be watchful and pray, surrender your self completely at his precious feet, do his perfect will and FINISH THE COURSE OF RACE VICTORIOUSLY. God bless you

  93. 93

    i am really happy to see u in prayers so pls pray for me thank u sister

  94. 94
    Abhinav Says:


    Praise the Lord! You may never know how many tears I have shed for Boolywood and Hollywood and all the actors of Cinema that they should know that Jesus is the One true God and there is no Lord in this earth other than him

    Truly as it is Written ” the prayers of the righteous availeth much” I pray that All the bollywood stars would come and testify for Lord Jesus.

  95. 95
    francispinto.m Says:

    dear sr, iam very happy u become christin i read your testimony iam craying becaus your madal light of the world. Iam praying for u . you going to achave many good things in you life becuse living god with you dear sister, please you alos pray for me my lord jesus lisn your pray very short taime u see wonders of lord jesus’. Thank you dear sister from your loving brother M.Francis pinto

  96. 96
    ezra alexander Says:

    amazing testimony tat surely will turn da youths 2wards Christ. we wld love u to come to malaysia. sis,pls speak to lord if He gives u da green light pls reply n we will arrange for special meetings with ur pastors permission. thank u so much may god bless u richly

  97. 97
    shruthi Says:

    may god bless you sister. pray for actor ajiths family to convert to christianity.

  98. 98
    shruthi Says:

    i was so happy when i heard the news that you converted into christianity. jesus is the only
    god .

  99. 99
    pas.ezra muthu Says:

    praise the good lord, v r very blessed by ur conversion testimony we would want u to come to malaysia to do some big meetings. we would like to invite u. pls pray abt it do discuss wth ur pastor n pls contact us at Harvest Christian Assembly, Klang. Malaysia. thank u so much may god bless u

  100. 100
    shruthi Says:

    dear sister pls come to chennai and say your testimony to many people. so they will
    understand he is the only god and the way to heaven .

  101. 101
    Sochitra Says:

    Beloved Nagma,

    May the Lord Jesus Christ bless the work of your hands and bless you abundantly for the courage you have right now. I pray that you will be the head and not tail among your brothers and sisters. I also pray fervently for Jyothika and Surya and the entire family to draw to Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth and the life….your answers to the questions above really pierced my heart….we pray all the time, anywhere and everywhere…May God continue to shine His face upon you, sister! With lots of love and hugs,
    Sochitra TSM

  102. 102
    Nilu Maria Says:

    Hello nagma dhidhi!
    Peace be with you!

    “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” – Galatians 2:20
    Your answers in the interview stands witness for the above mentioned word of god.bcoz being in such a sin tempting industry and environment its difficult to withstand,it is only bcoz of our mighty God being with very much happy for u,and i assure to pray for you.

  103. 103
    shruthi Says:

    beloved sister nagma ,
    i am very happy.

  104. 104
    Ravi Says:

    If Christ ic s the only way to salvation what happens to Hindu spirits like me do we face the so called Christian hell to which we are condemned? Poor Sri Ram Nd Sri Krishna must have also gone to hell
    Christians constantly brain wash themselves and pthers

  105. 105
    Kamalraj Says:

    Dear Sister Nagma, This is the relationship you immediately develop being a born again Christian that the fellow believer addresses you as Sister or Brother. This is the relationship through the Blood of our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ that we all belong to one family of our Lord through His son Lord Jesus Christ. I only pray that you become an instrument and a vessel of peace for many of your former colleagues and artists to come and taste the Love of Christ and to have the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. May God bless you and keep you under His wings against all odds and criticisms. May the Grace of God abound in you! With loving greetings, Kamalraj

  106. 106
    Catherin Says:

    So good i am so happy

  107. 107
    damian Says:

    It was a wonderful testimony. wonderful, wonderful testimony. Grow in power and wisdom.

  108. 108
    saranya Says:

    praise the lord ,

    Blessed is the man who repents , and most blessed is the man who shares his \her testimony to every one the lord jesus has done in their life .Let god be gracious to you and fullfil his will in your life .
    I thank god for everything which he had done in your life .
    Be strong and courageous ,do not be afraid god is with u.
    Nothing will harm u.He is your fortress and shield .

    Peace be with you

  109. 109
    sneha Says:

    NAGMA sister
    praise the lord

    when i read your testimony , i felt vey very very very happy , how wounderful the lord god is, he can change every one with his mighty hand ,mighy love and mighty power. Im very gald to here your testimony, when iam reading these tears came in my eyes, it was a wonderful testomy, wonderful experiance .

    please pray for me and and my family members, we pray for you for your family members.
    praise the lord.

    with regards


  110. 110
    sneha Says:

    Nagma sister

    when u get time just mail me,other wise pray for me

  111. 111
    sharon rose Says:

    hello sis, im happy 2 knw dt u hv knew abt god . i shall pray 2 god dt he will b in ur every step, n even lead ur family into salvation. may god bless u n remember holy lyf is a jolly lyf

  112. 112
    kiran kumar dan Says:

    GOD BLESS YOU .Please come my city and share your testimony .KIRAN

  113. 113
    Kiran Says:

    Dear Madam,

    Interserve India is a Christian evangelical organization based in Pune.

    We are pleased to invite you to participate at our Interserve India ‘Goodwill Dinner’ on 19th November 2011 6:30 pm at Bombay YMCA, Bombay Central, Mumbai 400 008.

    Please confirm.


  114. 114
    selvakumar Says:

    pray for me

  115. 115
    Anto.g Says:

    Dear sis.Really i appreciate & wish u in the name of jesus for ur successful spritual life. now are u fine? i will remember u in my prayer & also pls. pray 4 me &my wife & two daughters. Thank u jesus.

  116. 116
    shruthi Says:

    pls come to our city and share ur testimony sister pls pls plsm pls sister.

  117. 117
    johnkim Says:

    dear madam

    nice to hear this god will help all your requirement and pray

  118. 118
    packialakshmi Says:

    Dear madam

    God will lead u in rest of ur life. pray for ur entire family come under god’s hand. Share ur testimony and love of god till the end.

  119. 119
    COLLINE Says:

    HI SIS,
    Im happy tat GOD saved you.. God will protect n be with you throughout the end of your life………… such a blessed testimony.. GOD BLESS YOU IN ABUNDANCE……..

  120. 120
    Ms.Samuel Says:

    Sister you are very luckey. Because now you are God’s child. God Saved you from the hell. God is great. May God bless you and your testimony. I will pray for you and your service. Please pray for me. I am working as a teacher in Maldives. But I am an Indian from K.K Dist. Christan penticost church beliver.

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