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Actress Nagma’s testimony – is a Christian now


Popular Bollywood actress Nagma’s journey is very remarkable. Born on Christmas in 1974, she scales successes in Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood. In 2007, she finally accepted Christ as her Saviour and publicly came out about her faith. Her testimonies in public gathering across India have touched the hearts of many. Now she is a choir member, a part time minister of Hindi Church and a follower of Christ.

Nagma Bolly christian Indian Actress
Photos of Bollywood Actress Nagma, now a follower of Jesus Christ the King. Amen.

Christian Messenger, an online Christian newspaper founding editor Robin Sam interviewed her early this year. The followings are excerpts from the interview:

Even though I was not a believer then, I still enjoyed a constant companionship and relationship with Jesus Christ but never really mentioned this as it would have seemed odd then.

Since I was spiritually inclined I read a lot of books in that genre. I also started practicing meditation. I was teaching Art of Living for nearly 12 years. But Jesus continued to intrigue me. Since one of my aunties was a Christian, I kept urging her to tell me more about Christ. In the year 2000, in one such discussion, I said my salvation prayer.

The Church, where she grows up spiritually:
While reading the New Testament, I realized the importance of baptism and also of joining a church. Therefore, I immediately joined Pastor Shekhar Kalyanpur’s New Life Fellowship in Juhu, Mumbai. I took baptism on Jan 4. Since 2007 was a year of rest I decided to take a break from films and continued my Bible study fervently.

What aspect of the Sunday Service do you handle at the New Life Fellowship?

Whenever I am asked to share the Word or my testimony, I do it. Occasionally, I minister in the Hindi church. I am part of the choir, too. People have been inviting me from all over the world to come over and share how God has touched me and how the Word of God has brought about a change in my life. Isn’t this principally the duty of all believers according to the Word of God as it is said in Mathew 28:19-20? I am happy to share the Word of God as it has brought absolute joy in my life and it is the most overwhelming factor too.

How much time in a day do you set apart for reading the Bible, worshipping God  and praying?

I pray at all times. At times for hours together I lock myself in my room and I seek God. I pray anywhere and everywhere. Since the past two years I have considerably cut down on my work just to seek the face of God, wait upon Him and to know His will in my life.

What was Jyothika’s reaction to your accepting Christ?

All of them including my sisters think it’s a phase I am going through and I will get out of it soon. They think I am on my own trip (laughs). In due time, they will come to realize that this is the Way, the Truth and Life.  (Joythika, her younger sister too is a popular actress in the South).

These are perilous times to be a Christian. Aren’t you afraid to be a witness of Jesus Christ in India considering the persecution happening here?

If we think in the flesh, then, of course, we will be very afraid. But if we think in the Spirit, then God will give us the strength. I believe in the verse that the One who is in us is greater than the one in the world. If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31). The Bible also says God will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able. (1 Corinthians 10:13)  The agenda here is neither political nor religious. It’s about the love of the Father for His children and what He has in store for them – His promises as in the Bible. It’s about His agape (unconditional) love. Christianity is not a religion it is a walk with God. It’s Christ-likeness showing you the way to battle evils and enter victoriously into God’s kingdom. In this hour of need, we need to remember that every hair on our head is numbered and nothing will happen to us without the Lord’s knowledge. (Mathew 10:30)

Are you contemplating marriage?

Marriages are made in heaven. If there’s a man that God has chosen for me, then marriage shall happen. But the important thing is, he has to be a believer, a man who has God as his priority and who believes in God’s command stated in Ephesians 5:25.

What are the other qualities that you look for in your man?

I’d want him to have the love of God in his heart first and foremost. I would want him to be a family guy – totally in love with his one wife and proper in his walk with God. (Ephesians 5:28-29)

Do you have any message for our readers?

Love one another and love the Lord God with all your heart and mind and soul. And blessings to all along with all-surpassing peace that the Lord our Father has granted us. Keep me in your prayers, too.

Read the rest of the interview at Click
Truly inspiring. The depth of her faith tells us the kind of Church she attends. She also firmly believes that she will only marry a God fearing man – a Christian to be exact.

May God continue to bless New Life Fellowship and Nagma!

The word of God said, thus:

But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first. – Matthew 19:30
“So the last will be first, and the first will be last.” – Matthew 20:16


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  1. 111
    sharon rose Says:

    hello sis, im happy 2 knw dt u hv knew abt god . i shall pray 2 god dt he will b in ur every step, n even lead ur family into salvation. may god bless u n remember holy lyf is a jolly lyf

  2. 112
    kiran kumar dan Says:

    GOD BLESS YOU .Please come my city and share your testimony .KIRAN

  3. 113
    Kiran Says:

    Dear Madam,

    Interserve India is a Christian evangelical organization based in Pune.

    We are pleased to invite you to participate at our Interserve India ‘Goodwill Dinner’ on 19th November 2011 6:30 pm at Bombay YMCA, Bombay Central, Mumbai 400 008.

    Please confirm.


  4. 114
    selvakumar Says:

    pray for me

  5. 115
    Anto.g Says:

    Dear sis.Really i appreciate & wish u in the name of jesus for ur successful spritual life. now are u fine? i will remember u in my prayer & also pls. pray 4 me &my wife & two daughters. Thank u jesus.

  6. 116
    shruthi Says:

    pls come to our city and share ur testimony sister pls pls plsm pls sister.

  7. 117
    johnkim Says:

    dear madam

    nice to hear this god will help all your requirement and pray

  8. 118
    packialakshmi Says:

    Dear madam

    God will lead u in rest of ur life. pray for ur entire family come under god’s hand. Share ur testimony and love of god till the end.

  9. 119
    COLLINE Says:

    HI SIS,
    Im happy tat GOD saved you.. God will protect n be with you throughout the end of your life………… such a blessed testimony.. GOD BLESS YOU IN ABUNDANCE……..

  10. 120
    Ms.Samuel Says:

    Sister you are very luckey. Because now you are God’s child. God Saved you from the hell. God is great. May God bless you and your testimony. I will pray for you and your service. Please pray for me. I am working as a teacher in Maldives. But I am an Indian from K.K Dist. Christan penticost church beliver.

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